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My mantra for the next month is rest. The days are still short; evenings and mornings still covered with a light frost. I set intentions this year to listen more; to others, to my body and to the surroundings. Winter is a time of rest for most beings, and I’ve chosen to welcome that rest into my life whole heartedly. Instead of rushing around without thinking, I prioritize things like now to make sure self care is at the top of my to do list. Today’s top priority; have a warm epson salt bath and continue to work on organizing more of my years of travel photos. In these cooler months do you find yourself hibernating a bit more as well?

Our Path

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Have you experienced those moments in life where everything stands still? Where times stops, and euphoria takes over? I get that feeling when we board a plane, put the van in drive, or when we stop to stare out over the view we just hiked. I get that overwhelming sense of peace and ease when I look into your eyes, when your arms pull me close. We don’t live like our friends or family do, our path doesn’t include a concrete road or even a road at all. It is made up of tiny trails through the wildflowers, or down mossy cliffs. Our path has no service, no amenities, and no set map to guide us. What It does have is a million moments that take my breath away, a million moments of euphoria. Our path isn’t clear like people we know, we create our path each and everyday. I choose this life, I choose to live it with you, I choose to live in a state of euphoria.


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I think meditation is even more essential now that we have all this technology at are fingertips and distraction has become a way of life. I truly believe that we as a species are becoming more and more conscious I’m amazed by how at the same time our attention spans are rapidly is shrinking - Jen Sincero
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