Welcome Home.





A living room to me should be the hub of the home where everyone can relax, unwind and connect with one another. Upon opening our front door you walk into our living room; spacious and cozy, you will most likely find a fire going and puppies cozied up. We love this space because it houses so many laughs, memories and sets the tone for our at home life. 



Food is important to us. Being plant based, I cook at home often. It hard really to sell me on the idea of going out to eat. We always sit down at our dinning room table for meals. Jordan uses this space in the morning for work, and i have recently been using this space for morning coffee and working on my blog.


Tiny, but full of love. The main reason i didn’t want to purchase this house was this kitchen. I couldn’t imagine cooking for 50+ people in here. Twice a year we host events that connect our friends and family and i just seemed unattainable to prepare food in here. Fast forward ten years and honestly I couldn’t imagine a bigger kitchen, ha! I love the fact its so simple and easy to clean meaning I have more time to focus on my friends and family!



“The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back.”