Hello friends, my name is Lacey Iris, welcome to my lifestyle and travel blog!

Next stop: Peru 


I am an island dweller and madly in love with my best friend, Jordan Unrau. Falling madly in love almost eight years ago; We met when I was hired on as a manager/hair stylist to a boutique hair salon next to a tattoo parlour, it was love at first sight.

We live a minimalistic lifestyle on Vancouver island, hoping to one day sell our current home and live in the tiny house we are building on acres somewhere nestled in the mountains. We dream of opening a campsite one day (we have a crazy passion for sleeping under the stars in all forms of accommodations), which would include all our built trailers, vans, and yurts! We have big dreams of a tiny family in the future.

I started this blog to share our love of adventure and travel. We often work with brands and photographers who have a passionate message, so we want to give them a platform to share our love for them. We also often get asked about our “on a budget” travel tips and tricks, this is where you will find all that helpful information!

I want to thank you so much for taking the time to follow along on our journey! I love connecting with you all, so please reach out and let’s be friends!!