Hello, my name is Lacey Iris.

Welcome! I am over the moon that you have stumbled upon my little blog. I am a 30 year old traveler exploring the world with my best friend and soul mate Jordan Unrau. I started this blog this year after finding i needed a more user friendly space to share all my travels, stories, and photos rather than just using Instagram. I am looking for more connection than mindlessly scrolling through tiny boxes. I want to connection. I want connection with you, with sustainable brands, and everything this world has to offer. I currently live on Vancouver island, which has been my home my entire life. Island time is a very real thing my friends, and i am all about the slow pace of life. Jordan and I love jumping on a plane, or in a car and driving for days on the open road. We also make a million stops for crystal stores, thrift stores, and stunning view points. We are looking to one day buy property in the Arizona, Utah area and set up an off grid campsite. We have big dreams of a tiny family one day soon. I want to hike mountains with a little one on my back and show them a world of adventures away from the technology age. I hope you enjoy this blog and find useful tips, tricks, style inspiration and everything in between. Thank you so much for following along our journey!

xo Lacey